Universal Health Care

Published in the
Montgomery Democrat, April, 2002

A Step Toward Universal Health Care
By Deborah A. Vollmer
Democratic Candidate for Congress (Md., Dist. 8)

The movie "John Q" (about a desperate father, who holds a hospital staff and patients hostage to force the decision-makers to give a life-saving heart transplant to his dying son) may be fiction, but there is a sad underlying reality. When it comes to health care, those who are uninsured, or underinsured are out of luck.

House Concurrent Resolution 99, which is sponsored by U.S. Representative John Conyers and other members of the Congressional Universal Health Care Task Force, should be passed without delay.

This resolution directs Congress to enact legislation by October of 2004 providing all Americans with comprehensive, affordable, and quality health care. Congress should get on board, and enact universal (preferably single-payer) health care now!

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