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Chevy Chase Woman Threatens Teardown Lawsuit (The Gazette, Sept. 10, 2008) Deborah Vollmer has been protesting the scheduled demolition of her neighbor's house ...She said she will defend her right to enjoy her property, as well as the tree canopy and green space in the neighborhood. ...Vollmer is a write-in candidate this November for the congressional seat currently held by U.S. Rep. Christopher Van Hollen Jr. (D-Dist. 8) of Kensington."

Can't Keep Her Down (The Gazette, March 28, 2008) "Indefatigable Deborah Vollmer is not giving into defeat in the Democratic primary.... Continuing her low-cost, no-nonsense campiagn.... She's committed to her anti-war message and has no delusions about her chances, although she said stranger things ahvehappened. Vollmer has gained on Van Hollen every year since she first ran against him in 2002...."

Van Hollen Takes a Minimalist Approach (Washington Post, Feb. 8, 2008) "Vollmer, a semi-retired lawyer, is running to the left of Van Hollen on Iraq, saying he has a 'mixed record' on war funding. 'He can't forget his district. People in this area want us out of Iraq now," she said before a candidates forum this week in Largo.'"

Crowded Fields Are Primed For the Primaries: Turnout for Congressional Contests Could Get a Boost From Presidential Races (Washington Post, Feb. 7, 2008). "Three-term incumbent Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D) faces ... retired lawyer Deborah A. Vollmer, a board member of the Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Coalition, who pledges her first action in Congress would be to end the war in Iraq ...."

Nine Running for 8th Congressional District: War in Iraq major issue for Democrats, Republicans and Green candidates (Montgomery Gazette, Jan. 30, 2008) "Deborah Vollmer said she is challenging Van Hollen because she feels he has not used his leadership post to get U.S. troops out of Iraq. 'We need our representatives in Congress to be consistent and vote against all budget bills ... that have money for Iraq,' Vollmer said Sunday at a forum in Rockville sponsored by peace activists. Vollmer—a lawyer who worked for the United Farm Workers union and legal aid clients in California before returning to Chevy Chase about 10 years ago—said Van Hollen has usually voted with the Democratic majority on the war rather than against all measures that allow it to continue."

Congressional Hopefuls Focus on Foreign Policy: Support for war hard to find, even among GOP candidates (Montgomery Gazette, Jan. 30, 2008) "Van Hollen’s presence at Democrat Deborah Vollmer’s left elbow did not stop her from going after the congressman for voting with 369 House members on the recent budget for billions in funding for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. ‘Even Al Wynn voted "No,”' said Vollmer, who is running in District 8."

Vollmer Soldiers on Against Van Hollen (Montgomery Sentinel, Jan. 23, 2008) "Deborah Vollmer can take it no longer; she has to say something. 'I've always considered myself a fairly civil person,' she said. But in the middle of a Q&A session this past September with Rep. Chris Van Hollen at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church in Bethesda, Vollmer shouted out an unsolicited question. 'Why did you vote for the Continuing Resolution Bill four days ago, which includes $14 billion in funding for Iraq?'"

Primary Candidates - (Washington Post, Dec. 4, 2007) Candidates in the District 8 Democratic primary: Democratic primary: "Chris Van Hollen (i), Deborah A. Vollmer, Lih Young."

Reporters Notebook: Back in the Race - (The Gazette, October 12, 2007) "Deborah Vollmer says she’s running against Chris Van Hollen, one way or another, because he has not done enough to try to end war in Iraq.  This will be the Chevy Chase lawyer’s sixth foray into the race to represent Maryland’s 8th Congressional District. Vollmer isn’t sure if she’ll run as a Dem, an indie or a Green, but she is sure she will run, if only out of frustration with the Democratic leadership’s and Van Hollen’s votes to continue funding for the war. She has begun distributing fliers challenging Van Hollen’s record on the war."

Make a Difference on September 12 - (Takoma Voice, Sept. 7, 2006) "Regarding the congressional race, I'll protest vote for Deborah Vollmer over Chris Van Hollen. She's a strong lefty and he's a nice guy but has been somewhat disappointing. I've never gotten a return phone call from his staff."

'Big Issues' Are Varied in the Eighth District - (Baltimore Sun, Sept. 7, 2006) "Sometimes Deborah A. Vollmer takes her campaign out to Metro stops; other times she knocks on doors. Sometimes, she puts on her "Impeach Bush & Cheney" T-shirt and walks the streets of Bethesda, striking up conversations with whoever stops to comment. Wherever she goes, the message is the same: The war in Iraq is illegal, immoral and shameful. She is running for Congress to bring the troops home."

In and Speaking Out - (Montgomery Gazette, May 19, 2006) "Chevy Chase lawyer Deborah Vollmer, who vied with Van Hollen in the 2002 and 2004 Democratic primaries, is in the battle again, mostly to bash Van Hollen for votes that support — or underwrite, at least — the war in Iraq."

Opposed to the Iraq Invasion, Van Hollen Nevertheless Finds Himself With an Antiwar Challenger - (Washington Post, May 14, 2006).

On May 14, 2006, The Washington Post's Maryland Moment column mentions Deboprah Vollmer's candidacy in "Running to the Left."

Bus on Jones Bridge has mixed reaction - (
Montgomery Gazette, Jun 24 2003). County planners threw cold water last week on a Maryland official's proposal to build a rapid bus line along Jones Bridge Road in Chevy Chase, describing the concept as more problematic than the Inner Purple Line endorsed by the County Council.

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