Our Local Community
Deborah lives in her childhood home in the Town of Chevy Chase and takes an active interest in Town activities. She attends Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church.
Health Care
  • Deborah believes that every American should have comprehensive, high-quality health care. She works actively with several organizations that advocate universal health care, including the Gray Panthers, and the Coaltion for Universal Health care which works with Maryland Health Care for All.

    Campaign Finance Reform
  • Deborah is actively working for campaign finance reform, including the public financing of campaigns. She also believes that there should be legislation requiring the media to provide free and low-cost time to candidates. She supports the efforts of Public Campaign and Granny D.

    Progressive Grass-roots Organizations
  • Deborah supports progressive, grassroots organizations, including Alliance for Democracy.
  • Deborah is a national Board member of Americans for Democratic Action, and is a member of the board of the organization's local chapter, Greater Washington Americans for Democratic Action (GWADA).
    Environmental Organizations
  • Deborah is on the Board of the Greater Bethesda Chevy Chase Coalition.
  • Web site: Montgomery County Sierra Club Group
    Democratic Party Organizations
  • Deborah is active in several Democratic Party organizations, including the Woman's National Democratic Club. See also the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee for the latest news on Democratic Party politics in Montgomery County.
  • Deborah supports the work of Progressive Democrats of America, a national organization which works for progressive change within the Democratic Party, and supports the work of the Progressive Caucus in Congress.

    Political Websites
  • Web site: Go Liberal

    The Death Penalty
  • Deborah opposes the death penalty and supports the work of the Death Penalty Focus organization.

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