Letter published in the Montgomery County Sentinel (Dec. 17, 2003, p. 7) as submitted:

To the Editor:

    While I greatly appreciate the coverage given in the Sentinel to the Moveon.org screening of "Uncovered" at the home of Marc Elrich in Takoma Park, I must take a moment to correct a misquote that appears in the article.  My criticism of Congressman Van Hollen's position on the war does not relate to a vote in 2002.  In fact, Representative Van Hollen was not capable of casting a vote before he took office.

    My criticism relates to Representative Van Hollen's vote on House Concurrent Resolution 104, which was passed by the House of Representatives at 3:00 a.m. on March 21, 2003.  This vote came at a point in time when our government had just commenced the bombing of Iraq.  The resolution expressed the "unequivocal support and appreciation of the Nation" of President Bush as Commander-in-Chief "for his firm leadership and decisive action in the conduct of military operations in Iraq as part of the on-going Global War on Terrorism."  My point was that instead of voting for this resolution, Congressman Van Hollen should have voted No, or at least abstained.

    Since the vote on House Concurrent Resolution 104, Representative Van Hollen has, to his credit, voted against the 87 billion dollar expenditure for the war on Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has also spoken out on the floor of the House against the war on Iraq.  In short, his record on this issue is mixed.

    I look forward to debating the issues with Mr. Van Hollen in the Democratic primary for Congressional District 8, as we also move forward with the Presidential campaign.  As mentioned in the article, I am supporting Dennis Kucinich for President, an articulate, dynamic person who dares to speak truth to power.

                                                Deborah A. Vollmer

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