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Earth's Fragile Environment

Deborah has long been a supporter of protection for the environment. In California, when she ran for Congress against Bill Thomas in the 21st Congressional District, she defended the Federal Endangered Species Act in Congressional candidate debates. As a lawyer, she worked with a team of environmental attorneys to prevent a cement plant near Mojave from polluting the air by burning tires. Both in California, and later when she returned to her childhood home in Maryland, Deborah was an active member of the Sierra Club, becoming less active when the local Club came out in support of a version of the Inner Purple Line, which would, if built, be destructive of a local hiker- biker trail and linear park. She advocates improving public transportation, is a great fan of the Metro system, and she encourages incentives to get people out of their cars by advocating car pooling. She favors the preservation of green space, both large areas of park land, and smaller, stretches of wildness within urban areas.

Deborah believes that we live on a planet with a fragile environment, and we must protect it. Although politicians are generally reluctant to talk about it, Deborah believes that we must address the issue of the effect of world wide population growth on the Earth's environment. She believes that we must engage in a global effort to educate the world's citizens about the dangers of overpopulation, and about what people can do in their own lives with regard to this issue. Birth control information and devices must be widely available, throughout the world. We must respect the cultural and historical reasons that people in some parts of the world choose to have large families. But at the same time, we need to stress the advantages of keeping families small.

To some extent, a natural education process regarding the issue of population growth has already occurred in most of the "developed" world. As a society shifts from an agrarian to an urban one, people realize that an extra child, once an extra hand to harvest the crops, becomes an extra mouth to feed, and extra body to house. But in many Third world countries, this shift has not yet occurred, or is in the process of occurring. As we, the richest nation, do what we can to help the poor nations lift themselves out of poverty, we must also share with the Third world countries what we have learned from the mistakes we have made. One of our mistakes has been that for a long time, we ignored the detrimental effects of population growth, and another is that in our zeal to achieve the "better" more urban and comfortable life style, we have allowed corporate polluters and real estate developers to squander our limited and precious environment. These forces continue in our own nation, and we must be vigilant in our efforts to protect our fragile environment from these destructive forces.

Deborah drew the frogs on this page to illustrate her love and concern for the Earth's fragile environment. Watch this page for her notes and comments about environmental issues.

The following Links are helpful to local residents who are seeking information about our environmental issues:

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