May 8, 2014

Statement of Deborah A. Vollmer

Candidate for Town Council, Town of Chevy Chase

 Dear Neighbors,

          First, I would like to thank the folks who voted for me for Town Council of the Town of Chevy Chase.  To those who supported me and were disappointed in the results, I have been giving all this a lot of thought.  Yes, I wanted to be on the Town Council.  And yes, I got the fewest votes of any of the candidates.  But it is also the case that my other two choices were elected to the Council, and to some extent that may have been due to some of the conversations that I had with folks as I campaigned for myself. (I was frequently asked if I was going to bullet vote, or cast three votes; and I would always answer that I was going to cast all of my votes, and explain my preferences.)

          With seven people running for three seats, and a variety of issues being presented to the residents, those of us who ran just can’t get inside the minds of each voter, much as we would like to.  And we have secret ballots for a reason.  It allows people to vote for their choices without feeling the pressure of having to do what is popular, or what is expected.

          For those of you who would like to have further discussions about the election results with me, I would be interested in doing so.  I especially would like to hear from my supporters.  Also, this was very much a campaign about issues, and I would like some feedback from folks as to whether they thought any of the issues that I raised in the campaign should be pursued.  I am not on the Council, but I do intend to remain active as a community activist, which will include presenting my ideas before the Town Council on occasion.

Finally, once again I extend my congratulations to the winners of this campaign for Town Council: Vicky Taplin, Kathy Strom, and Al Lang.


Deborah Vollmer
Deborah A. Vollmer

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