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Of Interest To Women:
Pockets In Our Clothing!

On Women's Clothing In General
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When I decided to keep my web site after the Democratic primary campaign was over, I reasoned that this would be a good forum for expressing my ideas about the important issues of the day: universal health care, the buying and selling of elections and the need for campaign finance reform, the evils of the death penalty, and the threat of uncontrolled development and pollution to our fragile Earth's environment.

But this is my website, and I don't want it all to be so terribly serious. I hope to introduce a little bit of humor on occasion. And then there is that category of issues which are not exactly earthshaking, but are still important to our daily lives -- like --women's clothing!

Years ago, I planned to write a book with a friend on the subject of women's shoes. It was virtually impossible at the time to find shoes that were both stylish and comfortable. That was then. Women let it be known that they didn't necessarily want their toes pinched into unnatural points, or have their heels uncomfortably elevated on stilettos. Of course, I wouldn't deny a woman the right to wear such shoes if she really wanted them. But most of us really don't want to torture ourselves that way. And shoe manufacturers have responded. It is now possible to buy stylish but comfortable shoes that one can enjoy walking in.

So why can't clothing designers and manufacturers be just as responsive when it comes to pockets? Yes, POCKETS! I don't know how many times I have shopped for business suits or dresses, and been unable to find stylish and comfortable clothing with pockets. In a suit, I like pockets in the jacket AND the skirt, and I know I am not alone! I want pockets in my dresses too! Just a place to put car keys and a kleenex -- is that too much to ask? Men would NEVER put up with having to buy suits and pants without pockets!

Whenever I am in a store and ask for clothing with pockets, I am told that manufacturers don't make them because putting in pockets would spoil the slimming look. I don't think that is the real reason! I think that clothing manufacturers are trying to skimp on costs by using less material!

I know that some women really don't care about this, but many of us do. When I've asked for clothing with pockets in department stores, and have been told that none were available, I've found other women customers voicing agreement with me that pockets would be nice. Well, those of us who feel this way should let the designers and manufacturers of women's clothing know it!

How about it, sisters!? Am I wasting valuable cyberspace on a frivolous topic, or have I hit a nerve? If you are with me on this, let me know -- and be sure to let the department stores and clothing manufacturers and designers know too!

Girl Without Pockets by Deborah Vollmer

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