April 2, 2008

Wanted: Candidate Forums on Ending U.S. War in Iraq


            Some may think that I am a little like Don Quixote to stay in the 8th Congressional District General Election as a write-in candidate.  But there is a method to my madness.  We need to keep pushing the debate, and moving Van Hollen toward taking a leadership role in ending Congressional funding for the War and bringing the troops home. (Mine is not the only voice on this issue; Gordon Clark is also running as a peace candidate, as a Green Party candidate. I think there will also be a Libertarian Party candidate in the race, but I don’t know where he stands on the issue of the war. 

            We need to focus public attention on our Congressman’s mixed voting record on Iraq war funding.  One way this can be done is for people who belong to organizations that sponsor candidate debates, to schedule debates, and invite ALL the candidates for Maryland CD-8 to participate.

            Please take a look at my website at http://www.deborahvollmer.com, especially the page labeled Message to Supporters, for my statement of why I am continuing as a write-in candidate in this race, and my position on the Iraq war and on some of the other issues.  If you like what you see, or even if you just think voters should know about my campaign so that they can make an informed decision, please send your own message (or forward this message) out to individuals and to listservs, and include in your message a link to my website.

            Also, if you belong to an organization which would be willing to sponsor a candidate forum/debate for Maryland’s 8th Congressional District race, please go ahead, organize a forum, and invite all of the candidates for the seat, to attend.  I will do my best to accommodate my own schedule to fit any invitations to debate.  Mr. Van Hollen is sure to claim that he is busy—but he needs to take some time to answer the concerns that his constituents have regarding his mixed record on Iraq war funding.

            Please circulate this message, to all peace voters in Maryland’s CD-8 that you know—

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Deborah A. Vollmer

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