Statement of Deborah A. Vollmer


Candidate for Town Council, Town of Chevy Chase


               I am Deborah A. Vollmer, candidate for the Town council, for the Town of Chevy Chase.  I was born January 15, 1948, and grew up with my parents and my older sister, Susan, in the house I still call home. I attended Chevy Chase Elementary School, Leland Junior High School, and B-CC. 

    After graduating from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in 1966, I attended and graduated from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, with a B.A. in Government, which I received in 1970.  I attended the University Of Maryland School Of Law, obtaining my J.D. in 1973.  I moved to California, where I worked as an attorney for the United Farm Workers of America.  I worked for a legal aid office in Bakersfield, California. Then I went into sole practice which consisted primarily of court appointed criminal cases, representing low-income clients.

    In 1997, I moved back to my childhood home, to stay with my father who passed away in 2004, at the age of 98.  I have continued to live in our family home. I have served on the Town’s Land Use Committee, and I currently serve on the Town’s Long Range Planning Committee.

Over the years, I have actively opposed current plans for the Purple Line; I do believe that improving public transportation is important, but the current plans are unacceptable, as they would destroy the canopy of trees in what is really a linear park, cause other environmental damage, and cause negative impact to all residents, especially those living at the Town’s borders, close to the rail line. 

I am concerned that neighborhood character and the environment are being sacrificed to the greed of developers, who turn a profit when older, modest-sized houses in our Town are demolished to make room for new construction.  I favor a new moratorium on building, with a provision for hardship exceptions, and the implementation of a number of revisions to the building code.  I also favor limiting the use of pesticides in our Town, as is being done in Takoma Park, to preserve our environment, including the bees and the butterflies, and to protect water quality. I would also revise the electoral process to make the Town Manager more accountable to both the Town Council and the residents, through a Yes/No vote on the ballot on the Town Manager’s performance and contract, every few years.

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