Restricting Pesticide Use in Our Town

    Many of our residents take pride in having lawns that are very green, and free of weeds, the result of spraying herbicides.  Some hire companies who send workers out in protective clothing to spray insecticides. Unfortunately, the lethal effects of these substances are not limited to unwanted weeds, or nuisance insects.  They also damage the health, and kill, bees, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.  And the spray does not limit itself to the land on which it is sprayed.  It can drift with the wind, or be spread by storm water, to a neighbor’s property and/or Town right of way.

I propose that we follow the example of Takoma Park, and enact restrictions on the use of pesticides in our Town. The idea is to protect the environment so important to us all.  Before enacting the ordinance, I would propose that the Climate and Environment Committee, which has already taken a lead in this area, provide more educational materials and workshops so that residents will understand why restricting pesticide use is so important to us as a community.  In preparing to enact our own ordinance, we need to study the ordinance enacted in Takoma Park, and track the successes, as well as any problems with its implementation, so that we can learn from the Takoma Park experience, in crafting our own ordinance.

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