I would like to suggest that a certain portion of the reserves, perhaps something in the area of $75,000.00, be set aside, for the purpose of alleviating negative effects of new construction in the Town on neighbors (including, but not limited to, issues of privacy, easement rights and storm-water management), the tree canopy, and the quality of life in the community as a whole.  This would include addressing negative consequences that may have been foreseen when the building permit was granted, but which were thought to have lesser impact than has, in fact, occurred, and negative impacts that were totally unforeseen.  Funds would be available to resolve problems on a no-fault basis, and determined by an assessment of the actual damage caused the neighbor or the community, or the tree canopy, or storm water management, etc.; and what, as a practical matter, can be done to alleviate the undesirable condition caused by the new construction.  At the high end, such expenditures could involve actual purchases by the Town of land; at the low end, landscaping solutions, and mediation.


With respect to the amount to be allocated for this purpose, I have tentatively suggested $ 75,000.00.  This might be entirely adequate, if there are relatively few residents with this particular need---or it could, on the other hand, be the case that the figure needs to be considerably higher.  While some residents may have been able to adjust on their own quite nicely to the consequences on their quality of life and enjoyment of their own property, in view of the perpetual building boom in Town and consequent construction of large new homes in their immediate neighborhood; it is quite possible that a significant number of others have not. Because the conditions and the consequences are potentially so varied, the nature of possible solutions, and therefore the amount of money needed to make such solutions possible, are also going to also be quite varied. 


Before setting an actual amount aside to meet these particular needs, I would suggest that the Town staff send out a questionnaire to determine just how widespread the need actually is, and the nature of the kinds of solutions the Town would be looking at.

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