Moratorium on Building and Revisions to Building Code


I believe that our Town Council and our Town government have been too much influenced in decision-making by the economic interests of the builders and developers who do business in this Town.  I am therefore calling for a new Moratorium on Building within our Town, which would allow for a very limited category of exceptions for emergencies, where building plans are for small changes, and neighbors do not object.  This would give the Council an opportunity to revisit the FAR ordinance that was passed several years ago, and strengthen the protections for the environment, including the tree canopy, green space, and water quality, and also strengthen the protections of the privacy and peace of mind of neighbors to new construction. 

If you look at the preliminary language to the FAR ordinance that was passed several years ago, in its resolution form, you will see many “whereas” clauses preliminary to the actual ordinance.  These “whereas” clauses point to various problems with much of the new construction that has taken place: houses that loom over their neighbors, concerns about the tree canopy, concern for storm water management issues, etc.  I know that people who worked on the FAR ordinance several years ago were well-intentioned, and put in long hours and a lot of hard work.  But the ordinance has failed to adequately do the job.  In short, the FAR does not go far enough. 

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