Town Council Candidate Deborah Vollmer, on the Issues



Purple Line:  the Town should continue to oppose the currently planned alignment for the Purple Line, focusing upon the impact of those plans on both our Town, and on the environment with respect to the larger community.  There is no room on the Trail for both a two-track commuter train, and the existing canopy of trees, which constitutes a true linear park.  The project would also have negative effects on the regional water supply, due to the proximity to Coquelin Run.


Moratorium on building in the Town, and strengthening the building code to protect, trees, green space, and historic older homes.  The current building code was enacted several years ago, with much promise of protecting the privacy and peace of mind of residents neighboring construction projects, protecting the tree canopy, preventing storm water drainage problems, etc.  But the ordinance itself falls short, and should be revised to strengthen these protections.  During the Moratorium, I would allow for limited exceptions for emergency situations that involve only small changes approved by immediate neighbors to the construction.


Electoral reform to make the office of Town Manager more accountable to the residents.  The Town Manager is the public face of our Town on a day to day basis, and is really the equivalent to being a chief executive officer of our Town.  The position pays well, with the support of taxpayer dollars, and there is no term limit.  A good Town Manager should not just be a good technician but should be sensitive, creative, a problem solver, and a “people person.”  I would give residents voting in Town elections the opportunity to vote every other election or so, to approve or disapprove the performance history of the Town Manager.  A majority No vote would generate a meeting before the Town Council, giving the Town Manager the opportunity to explain before the Council and the residents why he or she should not be terminated.

Pesticides.  We are losing bees, birds, butterflies, and other wild life, because of wide-spread use of pesticides in our Town.  We need to engage in an educational campaign, and also enact an ordinance restricting use of pesticides in our Town, along the lines of the ordinance adopted in Takoma Park.


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